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There are many things in the world that we don’t know, and there are also many things that science cannot explain, and there is even no way to understand them. Let’s talk about the seven mysteries of the world that scientists have not yet solved.

1. Where did humans originate?

Where did humans originate

The origin of human beings has been a topic of endless debate in the scientific community for hundreds of years. It is generally believed that human ancestors originated in Africa, and some also believe that they came from Southeast Asia.

More and more genetic evidence supports that modern humans around the world, including China, originated in Africa. The genetic data on us is supposed to help us unravel the mystery of our origins, but different arguments have turned the truth into a mystery.

2. Do UFO aliens really exist?

Do UFO aliens really exist

UFO is also called a flying saucer (unidentified flying object). People have the impression that aliens have super high IQs, big heads, small bodies, and big eyes.

UFOs have always been a hot topic. Many foreign reports say that someone has seen UFOs with their own eyes and had contact with aliens. Many countries around the world carry out research on UFOs. There are more than 350 monographs and nearly 100 journals on UFOs.

In 1947, while flying a private plane through the Cascade Mountains in Washington state, Idaho businessman Kenneth Arnold saw nine UFOs, which he described as looking like plates flying over the water, hence the name UFOs. A few days later, mysterious metal fragments were discovered in Roswell, New Mexico. This was the first comprehensive UFO report since the Industrial Revolution.

3. Are there really savages?

Are there really savages

Savage is a higher primate whose existence has not been confirmed. Legends and stories about savages are often found in folklore online magazines. There are stories about savages in China and abroad, such as the legend of the Shennongjia savages, the “Bigfoot” in North America, and the “snowman” in Tibet, China. In legends, savages are tall and agile, and can walk across mountains and ridges as if they were walking on flat ground.

4. Are there mermaids in the world?

Are there mermaids in the world

Everyone around the world is wondering “Are there mermaids in the world?”. If there is a reason why no one has seen it with their own eyes, and why we have all heard stories about mermaids more or less, and seen pictures or videos of mermaids on the Internet, is it just a legend?

One of the most famous specimens is called “Phiji Mermaid”. After examination by relevant scientists, this so-called mermaid specimen is a combination of monkey and fish.

5. Why are there no dead bodies in the Bermuda Triangle of Death?

Why are there no dead bodies in the Bermuda Triangle of Death

The Bermuda Triangle refers to the triangular sea area formed by three points connecting Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida in the Atlantic Ocean.

For nearly a hundred years, the mystery of the plane crash and shipwreck in Bermuda’s “Devil’s Triangle” has remained unsolved, causing great unease in the international community and attracting the attention of scientists. Mail ships, cargo ships, sailing boats, warships, submarines and even airplanes all disappeared without a trace in a matter of seconds without even realizing it. Radio contact with them was suddenly interrupted, and neither wreckage nor bodies were found. They seemed to “melt” into the ocean all of a sudden.

Scientists have yet to explain the frequent accidents that occur in the Bermuda Triangle, but everyone wants to know the truth.

6. Does the Chinese “dragon” really exist?

Does the Chinese “dragon” really exist

The Chinese “dragon” has always been a symbol of the Chinese people, so does the dragon really exist? Maybe you will say: “Dragon is the imagination of our ancestors.” Because the dragon has a long face like a horse, a body like a snake, limbs like chicken feet, and eighty-one scales. It can fly in the air and swim in the water, appearing and disappearing in unpredictable ways. In fact, many people believe that dragons do not exist and are just a legend.

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