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There is a 132-year-old giant lobster in a restaurant in Long Island, New York. The oldest lobster in New York is named Louie and weighs 22 pounds. For 20 years, it has been living in a restaurant and bar. The owner of the restaurant, Butch Yamali, keeps it in an aquarium like a pet.

132-year-old lobster released back into the sea132-year-old lobster released back into the sea

Over time, Yamali developed a relationship with Louie. He said that Louie was the largest and oldest lobster he raised. Last week, a customer offered $1,000 (approximately 6,800 yuan) to buy Louie, but Yamali refused. .

Yamali said he didn’t want to sell Louie, who was like his own pet to him, so he decided to hold a ceremony to release Louie and invited government officials to attend.

During the ceremony, the mayor of Hempstead announced that now that Louie had an official amnesty, he would not face the fate of facing diners on a plate. Later, the restaurant staff released Louie back into the sea.

Louie is one of the oldest lobsters in New York City, and according to other reports, the oldest lobster in the world today is about 140 years old. The manager of the Maine Lobster Research Institute said that Louie should live a happy life in the future because not many diners want to eat such a big and old lobster. The manager also hopes that Louie can find a partner and live happily ever after.

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