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One of India’s oldest people, Mashashta Murasi, is said to have lived to be 180 years old. But he only has one thing to say about his longevity

The world's longevity man claims to have lived 180 years

Mullahi was said to have been born in 1835 AD and experienced the British colonial era in India. In his early years, he worked as a shoemaker, and Indian officials also hold his birth certificate and work records. Now he has retired, but he admitted that living a long life requires facing many tragedies…

“The price of longevity is that you have to see your children and grandchildren die earlier than you.” Mullahi said that after he turned 100, countless people asked him about longevity, and he also prepared a coffin for himself. , has been waiting for the day when death comes. As a result, decades have passed and everyone around him has left him one by one, but he is still alive and well. One thing he often says is: “Maybe I have been forgotten by death.” Alright.”

Mullahi once said that he faced life with a “tranquility and open-mindedness that looks down upon everything”, and such a lifestyle that conforms to nature seems to be the reason for his longevity. Although he himself is not sure what the real reason is, perhaps those who have no intention of pursuing eternal life and are not busy working all day are the most likely to live a long life!

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