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Recently, India launched cow dung chip, which is made of cow dung and claims to not only reduce mobile phone radiation, but also prevent diseases.

India launches cow dung chip

According to the “Hindustan Times” report, Vallabhbhai Kathiria, the head of an organization called “Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog” (RKA) in India, launched this “chip” made of cow dung , the chip was named “Gausatva Kavach”. According to its official website, the RKA organization was established by the Indian state.

Keseria, the head of the agency, hopes to promote cow dung products across India. At the launch ceremony, he said, “Cow dung can protect everyone. It is anti-radiation. It has been scientifically proven that it can be used on mobile phones.” Chip. It also protects people from disease.”

Indian media said that RKA was established in 2019 to protect and develop dairy cows and their offspring. The organization has launched a nationwide campaign and encourages the use of cow dung products during the festival.

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