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“Clothing, food, shelter, and transportation” are indispensable in life. “Living” refers to the building where everyone lives. A good living place can not only bring people a great sense of security, but also make people live more comfortably. However, there are always some houses that look very dangerous, which makes everyone stay away. Today I will introduce to you the “4 most dangerous buildings in the world” rated by the media.

TOP.4 Takasugi, Japan-1 Tea House

Takasugi, Japan-1 Tea House

Takasugi-1 Teahouse is located in the Chino area of Nagano Prefecture, Japan. It was designed and built by designer Terunobu Fujimori. Terunobu Fujimori’s imaginative design surprised many tourists who come here to drink tea. The Takasugi-1 teahouse was built on the top of two thick chestnut trees. Since the two logs could not guarantee the stability of the house, Terunobu Fujimori erected a stump on the side of the tree to support the teahouse. Moreover, there is only one ladder to enter and exit the house. The house itself is not large and cannot accommodate too many people. From a distance, it looks like a huge artificial bird’s nest.

TOP.3 Lichtenstein Castle, Germany

Lichtenstein Castle Germany

Lichtenstein Castle is a famous attraction in Germany, built in 1840. This castle was built based on the description of the Knight’s Castle in the novel “Lichtenstein” and is built on a steep cliff. In ancient times, due to the dangerous terrain, the city of Lichtenstein had very strong defenses and was easy to defend but difficult to attack. However, with advanced technology, a single cannonball is enough to turn it into ruins. And it is located on the edge of a cliff. Who can guarantee that the rocks under the castle will remain as stable as ever?

TOP.2 Sutya Gold House

Sutya Gold House

Sutya Gold House is located in the remote town of Arkhangelsk in Russia. It is a building made entirely of wood. The Sutkin House has 13 floors and is 34 meters high. It was designed and built by Nikolai Sutyakin of Russia for 15 years. It is still under construction. The surface of the house is covered with large patches. The local government has repeatedly He wanted to dismantle it, but was stopped by Sutyakin. From a distance, the dilapidated building looks like a giant mushroom. It is indeed difficult for people to understand what foreigners do.

TOP.1 Hanging Temple

Hanging Temple

The Hanging Temple is one of the most famous temples in China, located on the cliffs of Hengshan Mountain in Hunyuan County, Datong City, Shanxi Province. The original name of the Xuankong Temple was “Xuankong Pavilion”, which was later changed to “Xuankong Temple”. It is located on a steep stone wall and looks prone to collapse. It was once selected as one of the top ten unstable buildings in the world by Time Magazine. However, this ancient temple has It has a history of nearly 1,500 years and has not collapsed yet. It is more stable than many tall buildings in the country.

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