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A technology company has designed an “anti-loneliness ramen bowl” for people who have no one to accompany them when eating and can only rely on their mobile phones to pass the lonely meal time. It can make it more convenient for those who look at their mobile phones while eating.

Many single people often have noodles for dinner. Sitting silently at home at night, eating steaming noodles, can be a bit lonely and desolate, so many people choose to use their mobile phones to pass the time. However, it is still somewhat uncomfortable to hold chopsticks in one hand and a mobile phone in the other. inconvenient. Miso Soup Design Company has specially designed an “anti-loneliness ramen bowl”: the designer added a mobile phone slot on the bowl. You can plug your mobile phone into the bowl, press the play button, and enjoy your meal with your hands free. But at the same time, the designer also reminds users to remember to put a protective film on the mobile phone screen first, otherwise the soup and steam will stain the mobile phone screen, making it troublesome to wipe.

Netizens also expressed different opinions on the invention of this “artifact”. The “diaosi” people call it good design and user-friendly. There are also single people who are longing for comfort and say that eating noodles alone is already very miserable, which magnifies the pain. Others believe that “it is a bad habit to play with mobile phones while eating. This is helping others.” It is reported that MisoSoupDesign has not yet announced the specific price and launch date of the “Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl”.

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