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Artist draws all the convenience stores he has seen. To this end, South Korean artist Me Kyeoung Lee spent 20 years drawing all kinds of convenience stores she saw on the street. The reason for this is because she has seen too many new buildings slowly replacing old buildings, so she does not want them to be washed away by big companies into the torrent of history that no one will remember anymore, so she uses everything she sees. Painted with superb technique.

Artist draws all the convenience stores he has seen

She said that when she was young, these convenience stores were where she and her friends gathered, but now, they seem to have been slowly forgotten. Normally I don’t think much when I see it, but one day I can’t see it anymore and I realize that a piece of pure land in my heart is gone!

To date, there are only about 33,000 convenience stores left in South Korea, and the number is declining rapidly.

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