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There have been many mysterious areas and mysterious events on the earth, which scientists cannot explain. Even many scientists have disappeared on the road to search, and the mysterious Bermuda Triangle is one of them.

What is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

In fact, everyone must have heard of many strange incidents in the Bermuda Triangle. Some people even disappeared mysteriously when passing through the Bermuda Triangle. About a few decades ago, a military aircraft mysteriously disappeared while passing through the Bermuda Triangle. Even the plane that went to look for them disappeared.

Why did the Bermuda Triangle happen, such a mysterious event? What is the unknown behind these mysterious events? Why are scientists unable to explore during the search process? Is this because today’s human science and technology level is very shallow, or is it because there is something in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle that scientists cannot at least keep secret?

It’s terrifying to think about it, and all these fogs surround the minds of scientists. And the events that happen to humans in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle are like invisible hands constantly attacking humans. Some scientists believe that there seems to be a mysterious space node in the Bermuda Triangle. When humans accidentally enter the space node, they will be absorbed by the space node and reach another parallel universe.

Although it sounds a bit incredible, if you think about it carefully, if there are no spatial nodes in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, why would these mysterious events occur frequently in such a small area? Obviously all of this is not that simple, and none of this is simple, and it may really be attributed to the existence of space nodes. Otherwise, where should those aircraft, or humans, that disappeared in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle exist?

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