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According to foreign media reports, British mother Anna and her daughter Lucy spent 500,000 euros on plastic surgery in order to make them look exactly the same and become twins.

Mother and daughter look like twins, indistinguishable except for their breasts. Netizens joked that mothers and daughters can only be distinguished by their breasts. The one with plump breasts is the mother, and the one with flat breasts is the daughter.

The daughter is very envious of her mother’s beauty, especially her breasts. For this reason, the mother and daughter have reached a tacit understanding and cannot be jealous of each other. The daughter is also very generous and often introduces her friends to her mother.

Daughter Lucy said that sometimes she feels old when she is with her mother. After plastic surgery, her mother looks too young. When shopping with her mother, she is always misunderstood as twin sisters.

What’s even more amazing is that every time they go out together, her mother always has more chances to be approached than she does.

But now, her daughter Lucy feels very regretful about her mother Anna’s plastic surgery, because she found out that her boyfriend was obsessed with her mother, which made her very distressed and didn’t know what to do.

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