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Recently, some netizens ordered a roast duck. When the dish was served, everyone was shocked. Is this roasted Donald Duck? The netizen then took a photo and posted the photo of the roast duck on social media. It can be seen that the roast duck is indeed exquisite and well-made, but it feels a bit…unlike the usual roast duck. Netizens laughed after seeing it. . .

Is this roasted Donald Duck

The question is, since funny photos have to be taken, how do you take good-looking food photos with your mobile phone? First of all, we must consider the food theme and background. Cold colors will make the food look cold and high-end, while warm colors will make the food look very fresh, sweet and delicious. Then we must pay attention to making the subject of the photo more prominent and avoid letting the food and the background blend into one. Take as many photos as possible. To create a sense of hierarchy, make appropriate use of natural light to show the softer side of a food. Finally, of course, use beauty software to beautify the food photos. You can add text descriptions to make them more vivid.

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