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Is there dead skin in the room dust?

When sunlight shines into a room, most of the dust you see in the sunlight is actually composed of old and dead skin cells that you have shed. Yes, people can “shed their skin” just like snakes. Fortunately, the process is not the same as snakes. Because human skin shedding does not happen all at once, otherwise it would be terrible.

human skin structure

Let’s first understand the structure of human skin. Human skin is composed of three layers, namely the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue layer. Among them, the outermost epidermal layer is what we can see with the naked eye. It contains a large number of dead cells. These cells will fall off under the stimulation of the external environment and become indoor dust.

Dead skin is a major source of dust in your home

In the home, dead skin is the main source of dust. Human metabolism produces a large amount of dead skin every day, and these skin cells are very light and can easily float around in the indoor environment. In addition, dead skin can also induce the growth of microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria in hot and humid environments, causing allergic reactions or other defects in the room.

Indoor environment and dead skin ratio

Few people know that factors such as humidity, temperature and ventilation in the indoor environment can also affect the accumulation of dead skin. Dead skin is more likely to become trapped in a poorly ventilated room because it has nowhere to go. Allowing indoor air circulation can reduce the buildup of dead skin and help reduce allergic reactions and other illnesses indoors.

The human skin is constantly metabolizing, and new cells are constantly being produced, slowly moving to the surface, squeezing out the old and dead cells in the outermost layer. In this process, billions of skins are produced every day and float into the air, forming the dust you see. However, through scientific and reasonable treatment and prevention, we can reduce indoor environmental pollution and maintain the cleanliness and health of indoor air.

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