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Recently, a video of a pair of “sisters” in Italy has become popular on the Internet. The two are not related by blood, but they look like twins. Sometimes even their own parents confuse them.

Two women who are not related by blood but look like twins

Maria and Sisley, both Italians, are 24 years old this year. They are best friends and roommates at the same time. The two have very similar facial features, and they have the same permed corn curly hair, and even their dressing styles are very similar.

They met while studying at the University of Pisa and have since become best friends, with many classmates thinking they were sisters. Now, Maria and Sisley live together in an apartment near the Leaning Tower of Pisa, inseparable every day, even their best friends can hardly tell them apart.

Later, the Twin Strangers website found them, took a video for them, and uploaded it online to share their stories with netizens. The site is dedicated to finding strangers who are not related by blood but who look alike. People can fill in their specific information on the website, and then the system will match users and help them find their “other self” in the world.

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