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The most camouflaged frog in the world. There is a frog in Vietnam with MAX camouflage skills. When they are motionless, you may not be able to see them even if they are at your feet.

The most camouflaged frog in the world

This is the Vietnamese moss frog, whose scientific name is “Thelodermacorticale”. It is a type of tree frog. Its most obvious feature is that its body is covered with green and black spots and nodules, just like moss on stones. This is how the moss frog gets its name.

Due to their unique appearance, moss frogs are kept as pets in many places.

The body size of moss frogs is between 6 and 7 centimeters, while females are larger than males, reaching 8 to 9 centimeters.

The moss frog is covered in green skin, which is very similar to the surrounding environment of its habitat. It can be said that it blends in perfectly with the environment.

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