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The most super dangerous stone attraction in the world. First of all, the top of the list is the Trolltunga in Norway. When I first heard its name, I felt creepy. This stone is located on a cliff in Norway. If you want to see the Troll’s Tongue, you must climb over a thousand meters above sea level.

Cardiac stone

The second place is the Cardiac stone in Fujian, China. Is it the kind of stone that makes people want to fall in love? That’s right, this stone is located in the Caixiyan Scenic Area in Fujian. It consists of two stones that are connected heart to heart. It looks thrilling and valuable, but with a little fulcrum, it seems that it will collapse accidentally, so it attracts many people. Couples come here because of its reputation.

Potato Chip Rock

The third place is the Potato Chip Rock in California, USA. As the name suggests, this is a rock that looks as thin as a piece of paper. From the photo, the rock looks extremely thrilling and seems to have no bearing, but There are still many tourists playing and staying here. The reason is simply that the stone is less than five meters away from the ground, so it is not as scary as it seems.

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