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Passing by Nicholson Street in Hydesville, Maryland, USA, you will definitely be attracted by this steampunk-style house. From the outside, every inch of this house is decorated with metal parts. musical instruments, rusted sculptures, headlights and even fenders. The owner of the house is a retired museum administrator. His long-term museum work experience has made him very obsessed with the steampunk style. The old man usually picks up some waste parts, and he will spend money to buy the ones he likes. After a long time, he His entire home has been completely punkized.

Steampunk House

This hobby started in 2000, when the old man bought a Saab convertible, in order to make the car look more 30s style, he tore off the bumper and replaced it with other materials, the replaced bumper was inserted into the Fence around the garden. Since then, he has been completely “crazy”. In 16 years, various parts have completely changed his house. As for the car, it has long been punk. This matter made the old man very proud. He did not expect to receive such high attention after retirement. A hobby can change a person’s life, even when he is old.

Steampunk Car

Steampunk mostly takes the Victorian era as the background, expands the power of steam infinitely, and virtualizes an era when steam power is supreme. This kind of culture should have originated after the steam revolution, people’s myth about the power of science and technology – “steam”, and its assumption is the period of human civilization when the industrial revolution developed to the extreme. The heavy-duty iron and steel machinery mainly based on steam power is used as the driving force for the development of human society, and various transportation and flight or scientific achievements have been invented based on this.


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