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The deserts in my impression are all endless “sand”, there may be some cacti, and the environment is basically very harsh. It is difficult to find water sources, let alone any living things. But there is such a desert in the world, which is not only rich in water resources , and there are fish swimming around, this is the Lencois Maranhenses desert.

Lencois Maranhenses desert not only has water but also fish

Lencois Maranhenses is located in northern Brazil. This desert is composed of numerous white sand dunes and deep blue lagoons.

The beautiful scenery is unique in the world and even a bit magical.

Rainfall here is abundant, with the annual rainfall reaching 1,600 milliliters, which is 300 times the annual rainfall in the Sahara Desert.

In addition to abundant rainfall, there are rivers, and there are even swarms of fish and crabs everywhere. Only its appearance is like a desert, and there is a lake next to it. If there is no rainfall, the area will indeed shrink or even disappear.

But when it rains in the summer, the lake will come back again, and the fish will disappear during the drought. When the lake comes back, the fish will come back with it. Where did these fish go during this period?

It turns out that there is a South American toothfish here, which is very drought-resistant. When there is a drought, they will go to the soil, and then return to the water when it rains to wake up from their dormant state.

In this desert, you can see amazing scenery, gem-like lakes, snow-white beaches, and a very vital desert. You have to admire the wonders of nature.

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