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Because this smart goggles not only blocks light, but also has a mechanism in the thick, VR headset-like goggles that enables the goggles to trigger audio-visual stimulation. This triggers the brain’s optimal natural sleep cycle patterns, leading to deep relaxation and relief from insomnia. Sana smart sleep goggles can also monitor fluctuations in your nervous system so it can provide you with personalized audio-visual stimulation.

Smart goggles will help you fall asleep in 10 minutes

Richard Hanbury, CEO of Sana Health, has chronic pain problems that make it difficult for him to sleep, so he worked hard to develop technology that could solve the problem.

Bertrand Piccard is a pilot on the all-solar aircraft Solar Impulse. When he traveled around the world last year on an all-solar aircraft, he relied on the smart sleep goggles developed by HKSH to ensure that he had adequate rest. This is equivalent to a test of smart sleep goggles. Bertrand Piccard sleeps for 20 minutes at a time, which adds up to only three hours of sleep a day, so he needs extra help to make the most of every break.

Sana Health is currently testing smart sleep goggles on athletes who need a good night’s rest while traveling.

This smart sleep goggle is not just for pilots and athletes, but is designed for everyone who suffers from insomnia.

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