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Earthquakes are a common natural phenomenon. Approximately more than 5 million earthquakes occur every year, which means tens of thousands of earthquakes occur every day. Earthquakes occur very unevenly, with some countries more prone to earthquakes than others. Now shareknowledge will introduce to you the top 10 earthquake countries in the world, let’s learn about them together.

Top 10 earthquake countries in the world


Nepal is a very underdeveloped country. The economic losses caused by earthquakes here are extremely serious. I believe everyone still remembers the 8.1-magnitude earthquake in 2015. Before the aftershocks were over, another 7.5-magnitude earthquake occurred. It caused irreversible damage to the local area.


Japan is a country prone to natural disasters. Earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and volcanic eruptions may occur at any time. I believe that the nuclear leak incident caused by the Fukushima earthquake still affects people.

New Zealand

Because New Zealand is located at the junction of the Pacific Plate and the Australian Plate in the Pacific Seismic Belt, seismic activity is very frequent due to the interaction between the two plates. 80% of the world’s earthquakes occur every year in this Pacific Rim Seismic Belt.


The 9.5-magnitude earthquake in Chile not only caused severe damage to our own country, but also directly caused the occurrence of tsunamis, which affected a large number of neighboring countries, of which Japan was the biggest victim.


Italy is located on the European plate. Due to its geographical location, Italy has become one of the most earthquake-prone countries in the entire region.


The Los Angeles area is located on the west coast of the United States, right within the world’s largest earthquake zone. The great earthquake of 1906 almost destroyed San Francisco. To make matters worse, the earthquake caused serious fires and killed more than 300 people. It was one of the worst natural disasters in the United States.


Mexico is located right at the junction of the Earth’s three largest plates, the North American Plate, the Pacific Plate, and the Cocos Plate in the eastern Pacific. Earthquakes occur whenever the plates rub or collide.


The Philippines is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire and seismic fault zones, so earthquakes occur frequently. At the most terrifying time, there were an average of 20 felt and unfeeled earthquakes a day.


China is located between the two major seismic belts in the world – the Pacific Rim Seismic Belt and the Eurasian Seismic Belt. It is squeezed by the Pacific Plate, the Indian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, and has very developed seismic fault zones.


Indonesia is a country prone to earthquakes. Indonesia is located at the junction of the Pacific Rim Seismic Belt and the Eurasian Seismic Belt. It is an earthquake-prone area in history.

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