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Top 10 Small Fishes Suitable for Beginners to Keep. Nowadays, many young people like to raise fish at home, which not only makes the family more warm and comfortable, but also increases the fun of life. So do you know what ornamental fish are suitable for novices to keep? Today shareknowledge recommends the top 10 small fish suitable for beginners to keep. If you are interested, don’t miss it!

Top 10 Small Fishes Suitable for Beginners to Keep

1. Red Swordfish

Red swordfish is not very picky about food, can be fed with many feeds, has relatively low water quality requirements, and is generally quite sturdy and easy to raise, so it has successfully made the list of the top ten fish suitable for novices to raise.

2. Tiger fish

Tiger fish is a tropical fish that prefers high temperatures, and it has also successfully made the list of the best tropical fish to raise. It has a more active personality and likes to swim around and live in groups.

3. Lili fish

The body length of Lili fish is about 5 centimeters, the body is oval and comes in different colors. This kind of fish likes to put its head above the water and then swim back into the water. It is a kind-hearted fish and relatively timid.

4. Mary fish

Mari fish do not like to actively stir up trouble and can be kept together with other fish. They have relatively low food requirements and are easy-going and suitable for novices to raise.

5. Traffic light fish

The number of traffic light fish was originally relatively small. Later, Japan successfully bred it and began to spread on the market. This kind of fish can live in acidic low-hardness water and prefers live bait, but it is not suitable for polyculture.

6. Carp

The crucian carp is a patterned crucian carp with rich colors. The breeding method is very simple. It has a lively and active personality and likes to swim around in the water.

7. Pearl fish

The pearl fish has a beautiful color, a gentle personality, and a cute bulging body. It looks more beautiful when kept in a fish tank, and is a favorite of many people.

8. Moonlight fish

Moonlight fish does not have many requirements for the environment, and it can survive well as long as it is not too harsh. This kind of fish is also relatively resistant to hunger and can live a good life even if it is not eaten for half a month.

9. Anchovies

Anchovies are a beautiful tropical fish with strong adaptability. They have very low environmental and water temperature requirements, and there is no need to be too particular about their food.

10. Blood parrot

The meaning of the blood parrot is quite good, it means wealth, peace and so on. It is quite festive from the appearance, and it will be prosperous if kept at home.

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