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The world’s smallest website, guimp.com, was designed by Alan Autten. Although the design is small, it is well-organized and includes games, blogs, photo albums, etc. However, this website tests your eyesight very much, and you may not be able to see it even if you want to.

The world's smallest website

There is a small square of 1 square centimeter on the homepage screen of the website, and all subsequent game content will be displayed in this small square. It has two interfaces, HTML and FLASH, and the page size is just that small.

It’s not easy to figure out this page, most people open it and the first thing they ask is “What is this?”

There is only a small square on the webpage, less than the size of a fingernail (18*18 pixels), which contains all the content. Of course, there are no news, pictures or chat rooms, but in that small area, there are several mini-games such as pinball, table tennis, Pac-Man, football… Isn’t it incredible?

Ping pong is the first game. The square turns black and contains dots smaller than the English period “.”. You can use the direction arrows on the keyboard to move the one millimeter long vertical line in the box to hit the dots. A little bit.

Here, the most classic “Pac-Bean” game can also be called the smallest in the world – the elf is only as big as a period! After the game screen is enlarged 5 times, it is only as big as 2k, and the most common picture on the web page is tens of kilobytes. Visiting this website is the most taxing on your eyes. The corrected visual acuity of the minimum configuration must be above 4.5, and the distance from the screen cannot be more than 50 cm.

Each game has different music, and except for the super “mini” graphics, the gameplay is the same as a normal game. The world’s smallest website had 5 million views in the first year after its launch, and was called a work of genius by the British “Guardian” and “Mirror”.

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