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Many friends who like to ride bicycles have encountered the problem of “falling off the chain”. However, if the chain falls off, it is a piece of cake to be able to repair it yourself. If the chain breaks completely outdoors, there’s really nothing you can do. Recently, Korean bicycle manufacturer Bygen designed a chainless bike. In addition to avoiding the above problems, it can also reduce power consumption.

Chainless bike ultra-light body reduces power loss

The biggest feature of this bicycle is that the traditional bicycle chain is removed. The two levers extend directly from the rear wheel and the driving wheel to the pedal position. The rider only needs to step up and down on the lever pedal to drive the bicycle forward, instead of like a common bicycle. Make a circular motion with your feet.

Research data shows that a chain with high elasticity and tension consumes about 7.5% of pedaling energy during work, and this chainless design of a bicycle can reduce power loss by 7% to 8% and avoid bicycle The chain has been used for too long and needs to be replaced.

In addition, the frame of this Bygen Hank is made of carbon fiber material and weighs only 7 kilograms. The body also adopts a telescopic design. Just push the rear part forward to shrink the bicycle to reduce the size of the bicycle. Small size, convenient for transportation and storage.

But although this kind of bicycle is cool, the price is even cooler. Bygen Hank is priced at US$5,000. I believe most people can only take a look.

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