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This so-called “advanced filtered water bottle” uses a filtration system developed by NASA to filter Coca-Cola into a clear, colorless liquid. Ensure that every water drinker drinks is pure, fresh and clean.

Advanced filtered water bottle turns Coke into clean water

The OKO “Advanced Filtered Water Bottle” has 3 different filtration levels. The stage 1 filter is made of carbon and is designed to reduce chlorine and odor in the water. The stage 2 filter has more than 400 micropores and removes harmful substances through a positively charged electro-absorption process as water passes through it. The manufacturer says that when the activated electric field comes into contact with water, it almost closes the micropores, keeping any harmful substances inside.

But someone has personally verified the results and also recorded an experimental video. The video shows that he used OKO’s “Advanced Filtered Water Bottle” to initially get the same results as the video shown on the company’s official website. But he pointed out that the liquid that came out was completely colorless initially, but as I continued to pour it out, it started to take on a faint brown tint. A little disappointed that it wasn’t completely colorless, but decided to keep experimenting. I took a sip and was again disappointed to find that it was not tasteless, but rather like sugar water.


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