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Are black spots on silverware rust? Unlike iron, silver does not oxidize when exposed to air. In fact, compared to other elements, silver is not very lively. However, silver will react with sulfur or sulfide (such as hydrogen sulfide in the air) to form silver sulfide, which will make the silverware dull.

Are black spots on silverware rust

In nature, the surface of silver often produces black spots due to contact with other sulfur-containing organic compounds. These organic compounds include albumin, egg white and other proteins. This is why eggs will cause silver spoons to quickly develop black spots.

Are black spots on silverware rust? Are black spots on silverware rust?In daily household life, another major threat to silverware may be rubber bands, because rubber bands are usually vulcanized. Low-quality cardboard may also release certain gases, making silverware dull. People usually use flexible abrasives to polish silverware, which often requires a lot of effort. Moreover, while using this method to remove dark spots on the surface of silverware, it will also remove a thin layer of silver on the object.

In fact, you can use chemical means to remove dark spots on the surface of silver. You can heat the silverware in a dilute solution of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate, or let the silverware come into contact with a more active metal (such as aluminum). These reactive metals react with the sulfur, leaving only bright, clean silver—a pot of soapy water with a roll of aluminum foil will do the trick for you.

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