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Many people think the world’s smallest country is the Vatican, but this is not the case. One of them is located in the Republic of Molossia in Nevada, USA. These countries are unrecognized “miniature countries”. They are built by private individuals.

World's smallest country

Founded in 1977, the country covers an area of only 0.025 square kilometers and is surrounded by the United States on all sides. The current total population is less than 50 people. The Greater Waterstein Republic was established on May 26, 1977, and the current “president” is Kevin Buff.

Although this country is small, it has an independent constitution, navy, bank, currency, post office, and telecommunications bureau. It was even the organizer of the first “Miniature National Olympics”. Its postmaster is a dummy, and its so-called navy is actually a rubber boat.

Due to the small size of the country, it does not accept immigrants. But it does welcome foreign tourists. As long as tourists enter the country with their passports, they can obtain visas in the country. Just need to make an appointment in advance by email or traditional mail to avoid toilet congestion.

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