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Recently, a court in Spain heard a case of death due to a bungee jumping accident. A 17-year-old Dutch girl died after she misheard the instructor’s instructions while bungee jumping and jumped off a bridge without the safety equipment being ready.

Girl died bungee jumping just because she misheard a word

According to reports, 17-year-old girl Vera Mol went bungee jumping from a bridge in Cantabria, Spain. At that time, the girl’s ankles were indeed tied with ropes, but the ropes were not connected to the fixed devices on the bridge. The instructor said “no jump” to Vera, but the pronunciation was so bad that Vera misheard it as “now jump”. As a result, the girl jumped and died.

The judge said the instructor should have checked ID to ensure the girl was over 18. He also said that the instructor’s English was “terrible” and was the direct cause of the tragedy. The court heard that Vera jumped off the bridge after misunderstanding the instructions and died tragically. It believed that if the instructor had used “don’t jump” instead of “no jump”, the tragedy might have been avoided. can be avoided. According to the rules of bungee jumping, the correct term is don’t jump.

The court said the bridge was not eligible for bungee jumping under Spanish regulations. The company responsible for operating the bungee jumping project claimed it was an accident, but they also admitted that the girl’s death was due to irregular instructions given by the instructors.

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