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Patients with heavy mobile phone use may encounter some annoying situations. For example, when you use your mobile phone under the bright sun, you cannot see the screen clearly, or when it rains moderately, you want to take your mobile phone out to use it in the rain, but you are afraid of water getting in. However, this problem has been solved. Japan, which specializes in strange designs, has launched a mobile phone umbrella (phone brella)!

phone brella not only cute but also very practical

This small umbrella is very simple to use. There is a suction cup on the handle of the umbrella. When you need to use it, you can suck it on the back of your phone and use it. As long as you put this small umbrella on, you will not be afraid of seeing the screen clearly on sunny days, and it can block the rain on rainy days without worrying about your phone getting wet.

But I don’t know if it’s rain-proof or not without actual testing, so some netizens personally tested the rain-proof function of this small umbrella! The result is also gratifying. In the heavy rain, people got completely wet, but the mobile phone really didn’t get wet.

Such an easy-to-use mobile phone umbrella, I must get one!

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