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The German electronics company Zollner Elektronik AG has recently built the world’s largest walking robot, the fire-breathing robot dragon. Each leg of the robot dragon has a 7-degree movement angle, which means it has strong mobility.

The world’s largest walking robot Fanny is a fire-breathing dragon

This robotic dragon named “Fanny” was selected as the largest walking robot in the Guinness World Records in 2014. It consists of two hydraulic systems, including 272 valves, 50 actuators, and 165 liters of fuel. It is controlled by four remote controls and is powered by a two-liter diesel engine.

“Fanny” is 9.1 meters tall, 15.5 meters long, and has a wingspan of 12.2 meters. It also carries 80 liters of prop blood. When people stab the dragon’s body with a spear during the game, the blood of the props loaded on the back will flow out, like a A real “human-dragon war”.

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