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According to the “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” report, a joint team from Japan’s Defense Medical University and Osaka University found that drinking coffee can reduce gout in a genome-wide association analysis study.

Drinking coffee can reduce gout

Through genome-wide association analysis, the research team studied three values of more than 150,000 research subjects, including the number of coffee drinks per week, urea index and gout risk, and listed the number of coffee drinks per week from 0 to 7 times. For the eighth level, it was found that for every additional day of coffee drinking in a week, the risk of gout can be reduced by about 25%. How many times a day and how much coffee you drink are not taken into consideration. Professor Matsuo Yotaka of the National Defense Medical University said: “The behavior of drinking coffee does not affect the level of uric acid levels, but the risk of gout has shown a downward trend.”

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