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There are many such more or less mysterious legends around the world, and what remains are some world famous haunted houses. Let us listen to those distant legends and witness the history of these ancient houses.

World famous haunted house

1. Liu Family Mansion

The Liu family mansion was built in 1929 and is owned by a businessman and his seven family members. In superstitious culture, it is the famous Mingxiong Haunted House. The family reportedly abandoned the residence in the 1950s.

Although the reason for his departure is unknown, many people attribute it to an unfortunate story: the maid who was in love with her master committed suicide by throwing herself into a well, bringing misfortune to everyone who lived here. Other stories claim that the ghosts of Japanese Royal Legion soldiers who died in the battle haunt the area.

2. White House

The White House, the official residence of the President of the United States, is also one of the most haunted places. It is actually not difficult to understand that the White House is haunted. Some White House residents are unwilling to give up their power from beginning to end, and ghosts after death often visit here.

There are rumors that the ghost of John Adams’ wife Abigail Adams once did laundry in the East Room; the ghost of Dolley Madison likes to haunt the rose garden; and Lincoln’s bedroom may have been a place frequented by “Honest Abel.”

3. Jukuiju

Jukuiju was built in 1920. This abandoned mansion is located in Taichung, Taiwan. Its history is debated. Some say it was once owned by the poet Chen Ruoshi;

Others say it belonged to wealthy businessman Chen Shaozong, a landlord who was overthrown during the land reform in 1949. Chen Shaozong died without leaving a will, and a man named Liu bought Jukuiju. When Liu died, it was supposed to be inherited by his descendants, but it has remained abandoned. Regardless of its owner, the ruins of Jukuiju are a beautiful combination of traditional Taiwanese architecture and Japanese colonial architecture.

4. Whalley House

The famous Whalley Haunted House is located in Old Town San Diego. Although the government was highly suspicious of the alleged hauntings, it was unable to refute the evidence. In the 1960s, the U.S. Department of Commerce officially classified the Whaley House as a haunted site. The Travel Channel calls it the most famous haunted house in the United States.

The earliest ghost to appear in Whaley House was Jim Robinson, who was hanged here in 1852. The Whalley House was built in 1857 by James Whalley and was used as a granary, courthouse and store in the mid-19th century. While it was being built, he heard Robinson pacing in the hallways, making loud walking noises. Whaley and his wife are said to have lived in this haunted house. They claimed to have seen strange smoke and smelled a strange fragrance. Visitors said they also saw a young girl wearing a long dress wandering around the dining room.

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