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Wake you up in the morning, remind you to bring an umbrella when it rains, and ask you to go home early from time to time…
For an adult man who is busy working all day, it would be great if this warmth came from his wife.
But it is not.

Virtual companion holographic projection has become a new favorite

“She” is just a two-dimensional beautiful girl named Azuma Hikari in the virtual world, and her “body” is just a phantom created by holographic projection.

Right now, Japan is going through a huge change in the relationship between marriage and love. Many single men and women refuse marriage, family, and sex, but are keen to find a “partner” in the virtual world, and the virtual love industry that has been spawned from this has quietly sprung up.

Virtual “wives” are popular

Technology is exacerbating the demographic crisis

With miniskirts, white stockings, and a sexy maid outfit, the virtual character Atsuma Hikari in the holographic projection communication robot Gatebox launched by Japan’s Vinclu seems to satisfy most Japanese men’s various fantasies about their wives, and is becoming the “new favorite” of Japanese men.

Atsuma Hikari

This virtual butler has a sweet look and a gentle voice. She will chat with you during your spare time at work, and warmly welcome you home after get off work. When you are sitting on the sofa to relax, move out the chair and sit down, and accompany you affectionately.

Most importantly, “she” is not too expensive.

Vinclu’s positioning of the product is “to live with your favorite anime characters”. The company says the robot is not just for entertainment and convenience, “but to allow favorite anime characters to naturally integrate into our lives and spend relaxing time with us”.

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