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Western-style weddings are particularly popular in Japan. In many ways, Western-style weddings in Japan are very similar to those in the United States, but bouquet throwing is not a traditional part of weddings in Japan. But recently, broccoli balls have become popular at Japanese weddings. What’s going on?

Tossing broccoli balls seems to be a recent addition and is not considered part of a solemn and conservative wedding. But it’s becoming more and more popular among brides, grooms and guests who love to have fun.

Tossing broccoli has become popular at Japanese weddings

This isn’t a plastic or stuffed toy replica, only real broccoli can be used to achieve the effect, and some considerate grooms also include a packet of mayonnaise in the bouquet.

But why use broccoli? It turns out there are several other theories. One is that the way broccoli grows radially from the center symbolizes the gradually expanding family, so the person who gets the broccoli ball will have more children. Other claims include that broccoli is a nutritious vegetable that symbolizes good health.

While broccoli seems to be the most popular choice, other foods will also work, such as cauliflower or even a packet of various vegetables.

Only time will tell if these vegetables can continue to retain this special sense of humor.


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