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According to the British “Daily Mail” report on April 6, retired Brazilian pilot Clinger Borges called himself the luckiest pilot in the world. Because in the past 40 years of flying career, he has encountered 11 air accidents, but all survived.

Borges was born in Itaituba, a small town in Brazil. People here have only two career options: one is to become an illegal gold prospector, and the other is to become a pilot supporting the Amazon gold rush. He chose the latter. For more than 40 years, he has driven illegal gold diggers or prostitutes between Itaituba airport and the depths of the Brazilian rainforest. The flight journey was difficult. Once his cabin caught fire, 2 passengers were killed, and his 3 brothers also lost their lives in flight accidents.

Borges said that although the flying environment is very dangerous, but the salary level is high, so he hangs around all kinds of drug parties, or makes large consumption and buys cars. But he had to stop working due to health problems. Now, his son and nephew have succeeded him. Itaituba airport still accounts for 80 percent of local flights, despite a government crackdown on illegal gold mining.

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