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Longevity is everyone’s wish, but it was already extraordinary for ancient people to live to be over 50 years old. Not many modern people can live to be over 80 years old. There are many folk legends about people who have reached turtle age. For example, Peng Zu, the founder of turtle age, is said to have lived 800 years old. The most widely circulated one on the Internet is a Qing Dynasty figure named Li Qingyuan, who is said to have lived to be 256 years old. There is another person who is the most famous, named Zhang Sanfeng. It is said that he lived to more than 130 years old, from the late Southern Song Dynasty to the early Ming Dynasty. The longest-lived Chinese in history: Lived for four centuries? According to historical records, the oldest person alive is probably Chen Jun from Fujian, my country. According to the 12 volumes of “Yongtai County Chronicles” in the 13th year of Qianlong’s reign in the Qing Dynasty, Chen Jun was born in the Tang Dynasty and died in the Yuan Dynasty. He lived 443 years old. , creating a turtle age record that has not yet been broken. At that time, Chen Jun went to Yongtai to practice medicine and saw that Tangquan Village (now known as Tangcheng Village, Wutong Township, Yongtai County) had beautiful mountains and green waters, extensive hot springs, good mountains and good water, so he stayed. Chen Jun is an upright man who is willing to do good things for the village and is respected by the villagers. In his later years, he was unable to support himself, and “if he had no descendants, the villagers took turns supporting him.”

The longest-lived Chinese in history lived for four centuries

Later, as the old man grew older, his body gradually shrank, his body became smaller and smaller, “shaped like a child”, and his movements were very inconvenient, so the villagers made an extra-large vegetable basket out of hemp bamboo to contain the old man. The donors took turns carrying him in and out of the house, so the neighbors called him the “Vegetable Basket Man”. After Chen Jun’s death, the villagers placed his skeletal statue in Tangquan Temple as a commemoration, and called him “Little Pengzu” (legend has it that Pengzu lived for more than 800 years). Chen Jun’s life achievements were engraved on a wooden plaque, which was preserved from the Yuan Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty.

Many people in today’s world are generally unlikely to easily believe that a person’s life span can really grow to 444 years old? Often considered a myth. The name and legend of “Cai Lan Gong” are still widely spread in Yongtai County. Chen Jun lived to be 443 years old, which is not only recorded in Yongtai folklore, but also preserved in Yongtai County annals. As for its scientific nature and authenticity, it is still unknown. But Chen Jun’s unique longevity, whether it is true or not, at least leaves a good yearning for the question of longevity we are discussing today. This story is both possible and rumored among the people. When I saw this story, I thought of Zhang Sanfeng. If Zhang Sanfeng lived to be more than 130 years old, this is more likely. There are also some people who are as old as 100 years old. If you are over 10 years old, it is not impossible to take the exam. However, living to be more than 400 years old is both impossible to dream and has no real life science basis based on current human cognition and vitality. It can be regarded as “eating Tang Monk’s meat to live forever”, it is our yearning and hope for immortality.

Can that person live to be over 400 years old? I believe it is possible. The reason why people die is because of the depletion of human cell functions. Modern science can now replace some dead organs. The human body is a combination of these organs. It is like a set of software programming. When a program When a bug occurs, the programmer corrects it in time, and the program can continue to work for a long time. It’s just that maybe our generation can’t wait for this time. What we can do now is to pay more attention to health and fitness, and try to extend the length of life as much as possible.

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