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Our world is full of strange things, and incredible things happen every day. Let’s take a look at the top 5 weirdest mysterious events in the world.

1. Incredible Fossils

Incredible Fossils

Is this the oldest time travel? A fossil of a human finger was discovered in limestone in the Canadian Arctic and dates back to 100-110 million years ago. In addition, a human footprint fossil was found in the leaf rock sedimentary layer in the Delta area of Utah, USA. It may have been left behind by worn sandals, and its history can be traced back to 300-600 million years ago.

2. The mysterious face

The mysterious face

In 2006, a patient in New York asked a psychiatrist for help. He said that he kept dreaming about this man he had never met and drew his face. Soon the doctor discovered that many people had dreamed about him, so he launched a search for him, but still nothing.

3. The murderous mirror

The murderous mirror

It is said that there is a 250-year-old “magic mirror” in France, which has killed 38 people so far. Anyone who looks in the mirror will die of brain hemorrhage. No one can explain the real cause of the mysterious death.

Russian scientists have proposed a brand-new explanation: This mirror has a certain memory ability and may hide some energy that has been accumulated for hundreds of years. The release of this energy can be fatal.

4. The coffin shoots a mysterious beam of light

The coffin shoots a mysterious beam of light

On August 10, a photographer from Duyun, Guizhou Province accidentally photographed a beam of light emitting from the coffin while creating and shooting at the Guoli Coffin Cave in Longli County. The beam of light was in the shape of a spiral spine, like a flying centipede. Local people said they had never seen this phenomenon before, and the physics teacher could not explain it. They hoped that relevant experts could solve the mystery.

5. The mysterious four-dimensional space

The mysterious four-dimensional space

In 1934, in the Port of Philadephia in the United States, there was a destroyer full of officers and soldiers setting off on the distant sea. Suddenly, a wave hit, and before the helmsman could stabilize the direction, the ship magically appeared in the harbor of Norfolk, southeast of Fortuna.

The captain, first mate, pilot, helmsman and sailors all opened their eyes wide and looked at each other. No one knew what happened. The captain frowned and wondered about the port of Philadelpia and Novo. The distance between the two ports is more than 500 kilometers. How could it be possible to sail from one port to another in a short period of time? Moreover, the chief mate, pilot, and helmsman did not neglect their duties and controlled the ship at all levels. How could this happen? Such an incredible thing? It’s so baffling! …

On May 10, 1956, in a city called Otas in Oklahoma, in the western United States, eight-year-old Jimmy was playing the game of “catch the robber” with his friends Tim and Ken. Jimmy climbed up the fence of a nearby house and caught Ken who passed under the fence. While he was having fun, Jimmy suddenly shouted: “Ken, wait a minute!” and jumped down from the wall. At this moment, Jimmy disappeared. Tim and Ken were shocked and shouted hurriedly: “Hey! Jimmy!” “Jimmy! Where are you hiding? Come out quickly?”

The two children called for their companions at the top of their lungs, but there was no reply, and Jimmy was still nowhere to be seen. People heard that Jimmy suddenly disappeared in front of two companions, and there was an uproar. Jimmy’s mother hurriedly reported to the police station. The police thought that a case of child abduction had occurred and immediately launched a search, but to no avail.

A month passed, and one day, Jimmy’s mother unexpectedly disappeared. Since no one was at the scene at the time, it is not known what the circumstances were when she disappeared. However, two consecutive incidents of sudden disappearances made the police nervous, and they conducted a comprehensive investigation again, but still found nothing. No one knows why Jimmy and his son are missing.

Scientists’ in-depth exploration of the “fourth dimension” will reveal the mysteries of this “mysterious world”. The mystery of the so-called “four-dimensional space” will surely be understood by mankind in the near future.

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