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Recently, a strange giant pyramid suddenly appeared in Mexico, which is called the Aztec Pyramid by the local people. The pyramid was built by Mexican farmer Raimundo Crona in the desert 74 kilometers away from the US-Mexico border.

Strange man suddenly builds giant pyramid

According to local interviews conducted by many Mexican media, the pyramid was built by only one person, and this person only went to school for 6 years before going to work. That person was farmer Raymundo Corona.

When asked by the media why he built this pyramid, farmer Raimundo Crona told reporters that he saw a strange man in his dream 30 years ago. However, just a few days later, Crona Na heard a knock on the door, and it was the man in the dream who stood in front of the door. There was a tall alien with golden eyes and white hair. The alien calls himself Herulayka and comes from a planet called Nefilin.

Crona said the planet is 20 times the size of Earth and is located in the constellation Orion. Crona explained: “The man told me to build a temple similar to a pyramid. When I asked why it was built in the shape of a pyramid, he said that the thing he built should be like a faith that could not be shaken by strong winds and rains.”

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