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Kim Noble, a 48-year-old British single mother, suffered from an extremely rare “multiple personality schizophrenia” since she was a child because she was abused as a child. She once had 20 different “personalities” in her body, which gradually decreased and stabilized. About 12 of them.

schizophrenia patient turns into a talented painter

In 2005, Noble took an art therapist’s advice and started learning to paint because it was a way to relax. I never dreamed that the 12 “personalities” in Noble’s body were all talented painters, and each “personality” had a completely different painting style. Some have a melancholy style, some have a bright style, some are good at abstract paintings, and one even likes to sculpt.

Each of Noble’s personalities has its own name. She usually switches roles between 12 different “personalities”, and each different “personality” creates its own artwork according to its own intention and style. Not affected by any other “personality”. Ten months later, Noble held her first art exhibition, displaying different paintings created by the 12 “painters” in her body.

The works of each Noble “personality” painter are deeply surprising and recognized by professionals. An even more interesting thing is that an art competition in Chichester, England, even made an exception and allowed Noble’s five “personalities” to sign up for the competition together on behalf of five contestants. The 12 “painters” in her have created more than 200 works in different styles in the past four years. He has held 27 art exhibitions in art museums in various European countries. His works have won applause from the art appreciation community and are purchased and collected at high prices by more and more art connoisseurs.

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