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The Japanese otaku ninja has been NEET for 28 years. Don’t know how to use mobile phones and computers.

Japanese otaku ninja has been NEET for 28 years

It sounds incredible that a 44-year-old man never uses a mobile phone and never has a girlfriend. But this Japanese super otaku did it. When he was 16 years old, the man was still a big boy. Because he suffered a little setback, he never wanted to go out, contact with outsiders, or work. Now, the mother is 70 years old and should have accepted support from her son, but instead she has to take care of him.

The man stays at home all day. He only watches TV and reads books. He doesn’t know how to use a computer or a mobile phone. He doesn’t have any friends. He avoids everything and thinks that everything outside is inferior to what is inside the house.

During his 28-year old life, the man probably did the following things every day: eating, sleeping, dazing, watching TV, and reading. Apart from this, there seems to be nothing else.

He has no ideals or fantasies, he just wants to live quietly in the house. When the media asked him what he would do in the future, the man remained silent.

His family was disappointed in him, and his mother was worried that her son would have no one to look after him after his death. The man himself has no regard for the future.

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