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Some girls like to have long nails and think they are very beautiful. And after it grows, you can also do various nail care, and you can also draw flowers. But when your nails grow too long, it will leave a lot of inconveniences.

A woman spent ten years growing her nails so long that not only her fingernails but her toenails were also incredibly long. After applying nail polish, it looks very strange. Some nails are so long that they almost bend to the ground.

It is said that this woman had such long nails in order to apply for the Guinness record. Now she can no longer wear socks because all the socks will be punctured. Later, she could not even wear shoes until the end. I can only use a wheelchair, otherwise I will touch my nails accidentally, and it will be a heartbreaking pain.

I really can’t understand why a girl would do such a thing. Wouldn’t it be inconvenient to have such long nails? Just to apply for a Guinness record, I can’t live a normal life and can’t take care of myself. She is obviously a good person, but she has to sit in a wheelchair like a disabled person. It is really difficult to understand this woman’s thinking.

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