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Interesting Facts: The Nine Freaks in Human History: The Four-Legged Woman and the Unicorn. These freaks are deformed people who make a living by juggling. Most of them make a living by juggling because they have no other choice due to physical disabilities.

four legged woman

Josephine Myrtle Corbin was born in Lincoln, Tennessee in 1868. When she was born, she had a double hip deformity, which meant that she had an independent pelvis on both sides of her waist. It’s like Frank Lentini’s third leg. The extra legs originally belonged to another twin sister who was not separated properly. The two smaller inner legs are connected to the outer thighs to form a pair. It is said that she once moved on her inner legs, but they were too weak to walk. Myrtle Corbin gave birth to four daughters and one son.

man with horns

In 1930, Chinese farmers in Manchukuo were discovered by a Russian banker who was expelled from the country. The Russian immediately photographed him and sent the photo to celebrity columnist Robert Ripley. I only know that this farmer’s surname is Wang or a surname similar to Wang. Except for a fourteen-inch long sharp horn on the back of his head, his other body parts are the same as those of a normal person. Ripley offered a huge reward to anyone who could provide clues about Wang’s appearance, but Wang had disappeared from public view since the 1930s and was never heard from again.

Gabrielle Fuller was born in Basel, Switzerland in 1884. She first participated in an acrobatic troupe at the 1900 Paris Exposition. It comes with the Ringling Bros. Circus to “Coney Island’s Dreamland” for acrobatic performances. She was married at least twice, once to a man named John de Fuller. She has a beautiful upper body, but it ends smoothly below the waist.

Stephan Bibrowsky was born to normal parents in Poland in 1890. He suffers from hirsutism, a rare genetic mutation that causes patients to be covered in a thick layer of hair. Only 50 documented cases of the disease have been documented since the Middle Ages. As for Lionel, his body was covered with six inches of hair. He was discovered by a German when he was four years old. He became famous in Europe and got the nickname Lionel, which means having a lion face. He was not exhibited like a wild beast, but he often wore the best clothes, letting people see that underneath the hair, he was a literate and lovable man who could speak five languages.


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