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Do humans under the sea really exist? Or a branch of prehistoric humans?

Do humans under the sea really exist

In 1958, Dr. Rotan of the National Oceanographic Society of the United States photographed some strange human-like footprints on the ocean floor 3 miles deep in the Atlantic Ocean. In 1963, in the sea east of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Navy discovered a “monster” during a submarine combat exercise. It was neither a fish nor a beast, but a “boat” with a propeller on the seabed at a depth of 300 meters. Swimming at a speed of 280 kilometers per hour, its speed is beyond the reach of modern human technology.

In 1968, Mooney, an underwater photographer from Miami, USA, saw a strange animal on the seabed: a face like a monkey, a neck four times longer than a human, and eyes like humans but much larger. When the animal saw the photographer clearly, it quickly swam away using the “propellers” on its legs.

In early 1973, a captain named Dan Delmoni discovered an underwater “boat” shaped like a cigar in the Stry Bay of the Atlantic Ocean. It was 40 to 50 meters long and sailed at a speed of 60 to 70 knots. The captain was afraid of colliding with him and tried every means to avoid it while sailing, but it was “generous” and headed straight for the ship. The captain was in shock, but he passed quietly.

Half a year later, dozens of NATO and Norwegian warships discovered an underwater monster called a “ghost submarine” in the Thanksgiving Bay. Attacking with multiple weapons has no effect. When it surfaced, so many ships’ radio communications, radars and sonar failed, only to return to normal when it disappeared.

Workers mining kelp along the Spanish coast reported seeing a huge transparent dome on the seabed, while fishermen and sailors on the edge of the American continent also reported seeing similar things. U.S. experts believe it does not look like some kind of defense installation. So, whose masterpiece is this?

Reminiscent of the pyramid discovered 360 meters underwater by U.S. Navy Captain Henry in the Bermuda Triangle, and the “Bimiri Underwater Structure” discovered by American explorer Troner in the waters of the Bahamas. All kinds of bizarre discoveries can’t help but make people think back. It started from an incident in 1938: On the Semimuda Beach in Estonia, a “toad man” appeared: chicken breast, flat mouth, round head… When it realized that someone was following it, it jumped into the Baltic Sea at a very fast speed. Its legs are almost invisible.

Half a century later, a half-human, half-animal “lizard man” has appeared many times in the swamps on the outskirts of Beeville, South Carolina, USA: 2 meters tall, with a pair of red eyes and covered with thick green skin. He has only 3 fingers on each hand, walks upright, is so strong that he can easily overturn a car, and can run faster than a car. Witnesses said it was an undersea man who came ashore.

Most scientists believe that undersea people are another branch of prehistoric humans. Russian scholar Rudnitsky believes that this bold hypothesis is very reasonable. If we can record the duration and interval of mysterious flashes in the ocean, perhaps modern electronic computers can decipher the messages sent by the “undersea people” to humans on the mainland in the form of flash signals.

There are also a few scientists who support the “alien theory”, but this hypothesis is not recognized by most scientists.

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