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UFO hunters claim to have seen a strange alien in photos taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover. According to conspiracy theorists, 3-centimeter-tall aliens are trying to thwart NASA’s Curiosity rover from exploring the surface of Mars in a surprise attack.

In the photo taken by the navigation camera B on the left front of Curiosity in the Sol1119 area on the surface of Mars, this little alien raider is hiding in the left front wheel of Curiosity.
Alien hunter Mars Alive was the first to announce the startling discovery to the online UFO community by uploading a video to YouTube on October 18, 2016.

Curiosity rover

The UFO seeker announced: “Amazing Martian alien appears in photo taken by NASA Curiosity’s Navigation Camera B on the left front. In the photo, there is a small creature on the inside of Curiosity’s wheel…he appears to be looking straight at Curiosity camera.”

UFO hunter Mars Alive has claimed that NASA knew about the existence of the tiny alien on Mars, but the agency is covering up the evidence because of its secrecy policy. According to UFO hunter Mars Alive, NASA deliberately darkened the area of the photo that shows what appears to be a small alien creature hiding inside the wheels of Curiosity.

He also accused NASA of intentionally releasing low-quality images so people wouldn’t find other aliens in Curiosity’s photos.

UFO hunter declared: “This seems to be another NASA cover-up. NASA has many ways to cover up the truth of the alien on Mars. Take this photo as an example. Compared with the normal photos passed by NASA, they made it darker. When they do that, I know it’s because they’re trying to hide something. NASA’s photo quality just keeps getting worse and worse when people find amazing aliens.”

UFO hunter Scott C. Waring declared the image to be “100 percent authentic,” providing strong evidence for the contention that Mars is currently home to small alien life.
Waring commented: “YouTube user Mars Alive found a little alien hiding inside the front left wheel of Curiosity! Absolutely true, it looks 100% believable. I checked it out…the alien is in the photo and he About 3 centimeters high.”
According to Waring, the alien can be seen standing upright, hiding in the shadow, inside the front left wheel of Curiosity.

Alien hunters speculate the tiny alien was about to launch a surprise operation to thwart NASA’s Curiosity rover when it was photographed. Curiosity may be approaching alien settlements unknowingly. Fearing that Curiosity would sail past their home, the alien community sent a warrior to stop Curiosity.

According to UFO hunters, the alien raider must have crept or sneaked aboard Curiosity, which was approaching their home, and climbed into its left front wheel, looking for exposed mechanisms or cables, Destroy it and immobilize Curiosity.

Atacama humanoid

According to numerous alien hunters (including Waring), the Atacama Humanoid was an alien visitor to Earth from Mars who died after a flying saucer crashed into the Atacama Desert.
But some reject the outlandish theories of the alien hunters, and insist that the “objects” resembling small creatures inside Curiosity’s wheels are just another example of a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia.
A skeptic said: “Scott, it’s really just a curious picture. Powerful paranoid trompe l’oeil, it either causes crazy attraction or complex rendering.”
Pareidolia refers to the psychological tendency in the human brain to perceive similar shapes, such as faces, when presented with random patterns or portraits.

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