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Deep sea ghost shark, a mysterious creature you have never seen before! While the creatures have been on Earth for at least 300 million years (before the dinosaurs), this may be Camera catches ghost shark for first time. In the video, we can clearly see the features of the creature: no eyes, an unusually pale body, strange lines like scars on the body, and many small spots near the head. Often they are also called ghost sharks.

Camera catches ghost shark for first time

When remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) deployed by California’s Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute arrived to operate in waters as deep as 6,700 feet near California and Hawaii, they didn’t expect to see ghost sharks. “The videos we do are actually geological expeditions,” Dave Ebert told National Geographic. “Normally, people probably don’t look around the area all the time, so it’s a little bit of luck.”

Chimaera Encyclopedia: Like sharks, chimaera’s body is completely composed of cartilage and has no bones, so it is also called cartilaginous fish. The small spots around its head are electroreceptors that help it sense the presence of creatures around it and help it catch food in the dark depths of the ocean. Its sex organs also grow on the head. Unlike other cartilaginous fishes, chimaeras prefer rocky areas as their habitat. This strange fish is generally only found in the deep seas of the southern hemisphere. In 2009, researchers first observed the fish off the coasts of Hawaii and California. This time the video was captured, it was the first time that chimaeras were found in the northern hemisphere.


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