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A Russian beauty, Daria Gubanova, has become a real-life “Rapunzel” after not cutting her hair for 14 years because of a bet. Her thick long hair now almost reaches her ankles.

Beautiful girl with long hair hanging down to her toes

According to the “Daily Mail” report on the 25th, the 27-year-old girl lives in the city of Barnaul (Barnaul) in the Altai Krany region in south-central Russia. She said that she will not trim her impressive hair. Long hair until it reaches her toes.

Dalia started growing her hair 14 years ago after a friend bet that her hair wouldn’t grow long enough to be braided. Since then, she hasn’t seen her hairstylist and she’s letting her hair grow freely. Now, she’s being dubbed the real-life Rapunzel due to her incredible looks. Daria’s hair is now estimated to be 6 feet long. She has more than 218,000 followers on social media, and these admirers want to follow in her footsteps and grow their hair long.

Daria’s Instagram has more than 600 enviable photos, which have been praised by her loyal fans. Netizen “_mom_alena_” said: “I admire you for growing your hair so long.” “I am also trying to grow my hair, but it will take at least 5 years to reach this length.” Netizen “lm0357” added: “You are like a goddess…” Another girl wrote: “You remind me of a Barbie doll.” “I love everything about you. Keep it up.”

Another said: “My friend showed me your video on Facebook and I just wanted to tell you that I’m obsessed with your hair. It’s so beautiful.” While Dalia has gained fans Enough praise, but she also responded to those who had previously suggested she donate her hair to make wigs. “Now my goal is to grow this hair long enough to touch my toes.”

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