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Recently, Argentinian man Luis Padron spent $12,000 and used his own blood to create a V-shaped hairline like the vampire Dracula. It is reported that Louis was tortured and wanted to escape from real life. So he had plastic surgery for himself at all costs, hoping to become an genie in real life.

Argentinian man undergoes plastic surgery to become a genie

As a child, Louis was often teased and bullied for his dyed hair and unusual dressing style. So, wanting to stay away from this kind of life, he became obsessed with the fantasy world where elves, angels and various fantasy characters existed. After being exposed to anime reality shows, he made up his mind to look the way he wanted, so at the age of 20, he had his first plastic surgery. He bleached his hair and skin and spent more than $47,000 on a series of surgeries, including cheek liposuction, rhinoplasty, full-body hair removal, Botox injections and fillers, that completely transformed his appearance. .

In a recent operation, Louis had his hairline on his forehead made into a V-shaped tip like that of elves and vampires. He said: “The surgeries I’ve had have all been fantasy-related, and I’ve always had a large forehead, which annoys me. One of the most important parts of being a genie is growing your hair, which is why I decided to reshape my hairline , I want to look more fantastic and have more hair.” It is reported that he still needs to install sharp dentures, make pointed ears, V-shaped chin and nose surgery, which will cost more than 87,500 US dollars.

However, during recent operations, Louis also encountered some problems: he was rejected by several plastic surgeons and was warned that he was too young to undergo plastic surgery. Finally, Dr. John Kahen from the Beverly Hills Rehabilitation Clinic accepted him and performed a hair follicle transplant on Louis using his own blood, because injecting blood would help him heal faster and strengthen the new hair follicles. Transplanted and original hair follicles make hair grow faster. Lewis said: “I want to be an elf or an angel or a fantasy character, and my goal is to look otherworldly, elegant, refined, and not human. I consider myself interspecies, in the same way that trans people feel. Whatever No matter what, I will become what I want in my heart. I don’t expect people to understand, but I hope people can respect my choice.”

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