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There are too many interesting things in this world, but have you ever seen a magical stone that grows when it rains?

A magical stone that grows when it rains

In a village called Costesti in south-central Romania, there is a magical stone called Trovant. Whenever it rains, these stones will “thrive” like mushrooms after rain.

The second surprising thing about Trovant’s magical stone is that it can move on its own. If you find the same stone here on the first day, you may find it in a farther location the next day, which is very magical. Romania’s magical stones attract many tourists to visit this place just to see its growth.

Trovant stones change greatly when it rains. Some stones may only weigh a few dozen kilograms at first, but after a heavy rain, you will find that they have become huge and weigh several tons.

The reason for the two magical phenomena of this stone has always been a mystery. Experts have studied it for a long time, but there has been no definite answer. The only thing we know is that this stone only appeared on the ground after the Romanian earthquake and had not existed before.

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