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Crop circles appearing across Britain have been a mystery for years, with many experts believing they are the work of aliens, but this has never been confirmed so far.

3 “aliens” suddenly appeared in crop circles?

3 aliens discovered in crop circles

According to reports, this bizarre incident, which is like the plot of the TV series “X-Files”, was disclosed by a newly exposed UFO document. The person who witnessed the alien was a police officer from Marlborough, Wiltshire, England. It was not disclosed in the document. its name. One morning, the police officer was driving home after get off work. When he drove through a wheat field near Silberry Mountain, he noticed that a new crop circle had appeared in the wheat field at some point. Since there are large wheat fields in Silberg Mountain and various crop circles often appear for unknown reasons, the police officer did not pay much attention at first.

However, what was strange was that the police officer suddenly noticed three tall humanoid creatures standing near the crop circle. They looked motionlessly at the wheat field, seeming to be inspecting the new crop circle. After seeing this abnormal situation, out of professional instinct, the police officer immediately stopped his car and walked towards the three “humanoid creatures”. However, the police officer was shocked to discover that these three “humanoid creatures” were probably the legendary aliens, and the new crop circles that appeared in the cornfield were their “masterpieces”!

According to the police officer’s description, the three aliens he saw were all over 1.8 meters tall, had blond hair, and were all wearing white coats. Andrew Russell, a British UFO expert who is investigating the case, said: “At first, the officer thought the three people were police officers handling the case because they were all wearing white coats, so he stopped the car and walked towards the wheat field. The three The aliens are all over 1.8 meters tall and have blond hair, and they appear to be inspecting the wheat field.”

When the police officer got closer to the three aliens, he heard a “sizzling” static noise coming from the wheat field, as if the three aliens were using some kind of laser emitting device to carry out the final attack on the crop circle. “Modification Creation”. UFO expert Andrew said: “When the police officer walked to the edge of the wheat field, he suddenly heard a noise similar to static electricity. These noises seemed to spread throughout the entire wheat field, and the wheat in the wheat field also moved gently with the noise. The ground shook.”

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