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“Uncle Chen, what are you planting? It looks like a big foot, and it also looks like a big palm.” A few days ago, Uncle Chen from Guangming Village, Fuxing Town, Zhongjiang County dug out a plant that was more than 70 centimeters long and weighed 29.2 meters from his vegetable field. a vegetable with four “big fingers”, is called “foot plank”.

29 pounds of weird vegetables - 4 big fingers

It is understood that foot plank potato, also known as “Huaishan” and fire potato, is planted on hillsides, river beaches, arid and barren soil. As the vines are vines, they do not have much influence on each other, and there are relatively few diseases and insect pests. During the growth period, only a few times of farmyard manure is applied. It is a natural green food.

This giant “foot plank potato” grew in a deserted vegetable field behind Uncle Chen’s house. Last spring, Uncle Chen accidentally discovered a small green seedling.

“I’ve never fertilized and watered it, so I didn’t expect it to grow so big.” Uncle Chen said, a few days ago, he wanted to see if it would be harvested, so he dug it out, but it turned out to be a big one. There are also four “thumbs”, which look like big palms or big feet. After weighing it, it weighs 29.2 catties.

Why does it grow like this? According to Uncle Chen’s analysis, there is a duck house behind his house, and the land is fertile, which can supply the nutrients needed for the growth of scallions. In addition, the wasteland behind the house is all hard soil, which prevents the soles from growing downwards and encourages them to grow horizontally, thus becoming such a big sole.

“This yam has the same taste as yam, but it’s more delicate and has a good taste.” Uncle Chen said with a smile. Divided some for relatives to eat.

foot plank potato is a kind of yam, which belongs to the yam category. Generally, a foot plank potato is about a few catties. ” 29 catties is rare!”


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