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Many people have become seriously dependent on wireless networks. No matter where you go, the first thing you will ask is “Is there Wi-Fi here and what is the password?”. However, the latest wireless network has not been completely covered, and arguments have begun to claim that Wi-Fi will be a replacement and will soon completely withdraw from the stage of history. Of course, the reasons for this view also seem to make sense.

Will wireless networks be replaced?

WiFi has too many loopholes and security cannot be guaranteed.

The wireless network has too many bugs. Is it safe? There is no guarantee. This is definitely the most worrying question. As mobile phones play an increasingly important role in life. Our ID card information, contact information, account passwords and other privacy are all concentrated on the mobile phone. But when we connect to external wireless networks, we will be very worried about encountering “phishing hotspots”. Even at home, I am worried that the back of the router will be broken. Information was stolen. This causes multiple people to become more cautious when using wireless networks. Instead want to use more secure data traffic.

Unlimited traffic plans are on the rise. The market for unlimited speed traffic transactions is huge.

Now this time. What is enviable is that some foreign operators have started trial plans for unlimited data usage. And at home. Data packages such as virtual data cards and unlimited speed limits are also gradually appearing in our lives. certainly. In terms of the current large customer base of chinamobile devices. If you want to achieve high speed and truly unlimited traffic without limiting the speed. It’s quite difficult. This puts a lot of pressure on current base stations.

The rise of 5G new technology provides a broadband experience that is faster than Wi-Fi.

With the rise of new 5G technology. People are beginning to feel from communications manufacturers how powerful this technology is for network experience that is faster than WiFi. 1 movie finished downloading in 1 minute. Mobile web pages no longer have any loading delays. This idea makes many people yearn for it. Although 5G wireless networks are now available. It’s just that distance control, channel blockage, etc. are very unpleasant. The wireless network can also be unstable and lag at times.

How long do you think it will take for WiFi to exit the market? What are your personal opinions on online experience?

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