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In less than three hundred years from the first industrial revolution to today, we have stepped forward on a path that human civilization had not completed in the previous six thousand years, and science and technology have grown explosively. So life in the future may be controlled by AI.

What will the future of our human lives be like

We may not need to buy cars anymore, just a cabin for each of us. The chassis of the car is shared, you only need to set the itinerary in the car and wait for your chassis to pick you up!

We may no longer need a house with an ocean view, you just need to set up the environment you want in your box and you can be in it.

Everyone spends their entire lives in a box, just like “The Matrix“. You spend your entire life in a box, and all your life experiences come from the box.

You don’t need to go to work, you just need to be a good “user” with peace of mind. We only need to engage in the areas that artificial intelligence is not good at, creativity and aesthetics.

Emotional needs will not be great in the future. The physical distance between people is getting farther and farther. We are all in our own boxes and only need to meet each other in the virtual world.

Regarding sex, because of the development of AI and virtual reality technology, it is completely possible to do so casually in the virtual world. The woman you want can be whoever you want her to be.

Regarding medical treatment, we no longer need to take medicine or go to the hospital. Nano-robots are implanted in the body. If there is a problem, the robot will automatically help you treat it.

At this time, philosophy and religion may develop unprecedentedly, because human instinctive needs occupy less and less of your time. Who you are and what the meaning of your existence is may become the most important issues in the future.

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