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To know what is happening inside the computer the moment it is turned on, we must first understand the composition and structure of the computer, as well as the relationship between the various components.

What happens inside the computer when you press the switch

The computers we use daily are mainly composed of hardware and software. The hardware part usually refers to the physical components of the computer, such as the host, monitor, keyboard and mouse, etc.; the software refers to a series of program instructions that command the hardware to complete tasks, that is, the program software required to manage and operate the hardware, such as operating systems, office software, games, etc.

All computer software needs to process the required program data through hardware before it can output and display the results required by the user. For example, when the user enters LISA into the Word software through the keyboard, the system converts the letters into binary codes (0110110011001), and then transmits them to the memory and CPU in the host for processing. After processing, it is transmitted to the monitor through the graphics card. The monitor converts the data and then displays it on the monitor in the form of an image. Of course, the user can also print out the text through a printer.

The working process of software and hardware collaboration has two ends, whether it is software or instructions, it cannot be completed without any component, such as the motherboard – the largest and most important circuit board in the host. It belongs to the interconnection platform of various hardware devices: just like the boot command mentioned in the title, the entire process is also completed on this platform.

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